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Defamation can harm your reputation, your business, and your well-being.  Today, defamation is more common and harder to deal with in the age of the anonymous Internet

Defamation is a Harmful and False Statement of Fact about one person, made to another person. A lawsuit for Defamation is complicated and difficult to win, but,under the right circumstances a victim can win a judgement for significant damages.

Defamation can include spoken or written statements. False statements of fact, not opinion, can from the basis of a Defamation lawsuit.




Today, we see an explosion of Anonymous Internet Defamation. A Victim of Anonymous Internet Defamation faces an uphill battle. First, you must prove the identity of the poster. Then you must prove that the statements are False, that you were harmed by the statements - or that the statements were so despicable that they are assumed to have harmed you, and you should show that the post were made for malicious reasons.


People think that they can post anything they want on the Internet, but written and spoken words have consequences. A person harmed by the words of another has a right to be compensated in Court.

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