• Mike Chappars

California Foreclosure Defense

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Facing Foreclosure is a troubling and difficult position to be in. Banks and Lenders are not helpful, and most companies that offer help are unreliable, dishonest, or just outright scammers.

In California, the Foreclosure process can be confusing and frustrating. If you default on your mortgage, then the Lender is likely required to reach out to you to discuss options to avoid foreclosure. These options are generally 1) reinstatement - where you pay all the missed payments and fees to get your loan back in good standing, 2) modification - where the lender will offer you new terms on your loan that allow you to get back in good standing if you qualify, 3) short-sale - where the bank agrees to sell the house and pay the bank less than you owe, 4) "cash for keys" - where the bank will offer you a relatively small payment to move out of your home and turn it over to the Bank, or, if all else fails, 5) foreclosure - where the court gives ownership of the home to the bank and takes away all of your rights, as well as causing great harm to your credit.

I have helped many homeowners to get their best possible outcome

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