• Mike Chappars

Information Technology Attorney

With 20 years of Systems Administration, IT, and Software development experience, I possess the knowledge and understanding needed to handle complex Information Technology related Legal Issues

Before becoming an Attorney, I worked for 20 years as an IT Professional. Starting in the 1990's doing desktop support on Windows 3.11 computers, I moved in to Linux Systems Administration where I worked in various positions at top tier companies - Cloud Computing, LAMP Stack, Supporting Agile Development, and Team Management.

As an attorney, I am uniquely situated to deal with IT Related issues. Employment disputes are very technical - in some cases developers are not eligible for overtime, but a build manager on that same team would qualify for overtime pay. I can assist both employees and employers with these determinations. Other issues that I am better suited for include Security Concerns and Liability, Software Licensing and Intellectual Property Issues, Employee Visa Issues, and Content Management and Control Issues.

If you have an IT Related Legal need, contact me today for a Free Consultation. Contact me if you need an attorney that can grep to the bottom of your issues right away.

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