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Law Office of Mike Chappars: Your Trusted Attorney

Your Legal Rights Are My Business

At the Law Office of Mike Chappars, we provide clients with honest, ethical, and personal service.  We focus on our Client's needs and work for the best possible outcome.  Call or email today for a free consultation to  see if we can help you with your legal needs.
We are focused on Employment Wage and Hour, Wrongful Temination, and Discrimination, Worker's Compensation, Real-Estate Matters, representing General Contractors, Defamation, and other general litigation.  No matter your issue, we can assist you with your needs, or refer you to someone who can.

Practice Areas

At the Law Office of Mike Chappars we believe in service to our clients. We concentrate on specializing in Worker's Compensation, Employee Wage, Discrimination, and Wrongful Termination Claims, Representing General Contractors, and Defamation.  I offer focused and professional representation in the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, and Southern California. Your legal rights are my business.

Office Meeting

Employee Representation

At the Law Office of Mike Chappars, we represent workers is Wage and Overtime Matters, Retaliation, Misclassification, Sexual Harassment, and Wrongful Termination. 

Leg Injury

Worker's Compensation

Workplace Injuries are common and can have lifelong consequences.  It is important to take the correct steps when an injury occurs.   Your employer will not have your best interest in mind, and if you take the wrong steps, you could end up injurer, unemployable, and uncompensated.

Construction Workers

Contractor Representation

General Contractors have legal problems that require experience and knowledge.  We can help you whether you are being sued or need to sue a client or sub-contractor.  We can help you with your legal problems.

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Law Office of Mike Chappars Client Testiomonial

". . . when you need someone you can trust I highly recommend Mr. Chappars. . . "

-From Client Google Review

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