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Areas of Practice

Law Office of Mike Chappars has vast experience in handling cases pertaining to Family Law, Personal Injury Law and Estate Law. I excel in personally guiding you through these complex legal processes, explaining each step. Whether you need legal advice or action, I am here to represent you and your unique needs. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Employment Wage and Hour.  You deserve to be paid for all hours you worked.  Many employers will say you are "salaried" and not pay you for overtime when you are legally entitled to overtime pay.  You deserve pay for missed meal and rest breaks.  You may also be entitled to penalties for unpaid wages.

Wrongful Termination.  In California, you can be fired for any reason, or no reason, as long it is not an illegal reason.  Illegal reasons include termination based on Sex, Race, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Whistle Blower Status, and more.  If you are wrongfully terminated, you may be entitled to lost wages and lost future damages, as well as attorney fees and penalties.

Discrimination.  Workplace Discrimination is illegal in California.  If you have been treated poorly because you are a member of a protected class, then you may be entitled to damages.


Worker's Compensation.  If you are injured at work, then you are entitled to treatment, and you may be entitled to damages.

Real-Estate Matters.  We have experience working with various real estate matters including document preparation, foreclosure defense, fighting and enforcing mechanic's liens, and more.

General Contractors.   We have experience defending and suing contractors.  The CSLB has harsh regulations that can offer strong protections for consumers and put licensed contractors at great risk.  We can assist with document preparation, contractor litigation, and CSLB complaints and hearings.

Tenant Mold and Habitability Claims.  We have experience helping tenants who have suffered harm because of mold or other habitability problems.


Civil Litigation.  We have handled matters including Mechanics' Liens--on both sides of the issue, Breach of Contract cases, Partition Actions, and various other civil matters.  We can also provide you with many transactional or general legal services, recently we performed some Reverse Mortgage Interviews.  If you have a legal issue, and don't know what you should do, call or email today to see how the Law Office of Mike Chappars can help.

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